15 Steps to Take to Become Great in Life

Post Last Updated: July 5, 2019

master of your life

Taking control of your life and creating a lifestyle you want to live is possible and a great goal. If you want to create something with your life, and become something in life, then you can do so with the right action and behavior. With the 15 steps in this article, you can become great in life and become the person you want to be.

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What does your dream life look like? Are you living your dream life? What if you could become the master of your life, and do whatever you wanted?

Becoming the master of your life is possible, if you want to take control of your life and achieve your wildest dreams.

What’s your purpose? What are you passionate about? Do you have a bucket list?

All of these questions can help you form a picture of your dream life, but getting to your dream life will require a journey and effort.

No one is an overnight success.

However, you can do anything you put your mind to.

Are you ready to become the master of your life? Do you want to become great in life?

Let’s begin.

master of your life

15 Steps to Take to Become Great in Life

Creating a great life for yourself will take some time, but it is possible with effort and focus.

Life mastery is pushing your limits to become better each and every day. Some days will be better than others, but over time, you’ll be achieve your wildest dreams.

Below are the 15 steps you can take to become the master of your life, and to create a fantastic life for yourself.

  1. Be Proactive and Live Intentionally
  2. Tap into the Power of Positive Thinking
  3. Work to Live with an Abundance Mindset
  4. Set Goals for Success
  5. Apply the Concept of Compounding in Your Life
  6. Manage Your Spending and Live Within Your Means
  7. Explode Your Income
  8. Get Your Diet Right
  9. Exercise and Get Your Blood Flowing
  10. Learn How to Become a Better Learner
  11. Learn Emotional Intelligence and How to Cultivate Strong Relationships
  12. Understand it’s Okay to Say “I Don’t Know”
  13. Remove Noise and Focus on What Matters to You
  14. Network with Mentors and Those More Experienced than You
  15. Find Balance in Work, Play and Rest

Let’s dive into each of these steps in greater detail below.

1. Be Proactive and Live Intentionally

The first step to becoming the master of your life is changing your mindset and attitude towards your life.

No longer are you going to react to what your environment and surrounding is giving you. Instead, you do what you want and live with purpose.

Proactive behavior is all about planning and taking action on your plans.

If you want to get in shape, get rich, or get into a relationship, no one is going to be able to accomplish these things except for you!

You are the only person who has the power to control how your life.

You have the keys to your life. It is up to you to unlock your full potential and lead a great life. Through proactive behavior, you can take control of your life and create the success you crave.

2. Tap into the Power of Positive Thinking

Our minds are incredibly powerful and can quite literally create its own reality.

Using positive thinking can manifest itself in living the life you want to live.

Telling yourself you are a positive person will result in you becoming a more positive person.

You are what you say you are.

Saying, “I’m a negative person who can never accomplish anything” is a reinforcing trap. Saying this sort of thing will result in you being a negative person who will never accomplish anything.

Likewise, telling yourself, “I’m a positive person who can accomplish anything” will lead to accomplishments beyond your wildest dreams.

Using positive thinking can help guide you on your path to life mastery.

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3. Work to Live with an Abundance Mindset

In life, rarely are situations win-lose, where you can win, and I lose (or vice versa).

Many situations in life are win-win, where through helping others and giving selflessly, we both can gain and improve over time.

Living with an abundance mindset is all about understanding there is enough to go around for all of us, and having the patience and understanding to share and give.

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4. Set Goals for Success

If you don’t know where you are going, you will never get there.

Setting goals helps put a bulls-eye on the wall for you to aim at with your actions.

By setting goals, you can start to put structure to your future.

For me, I love action based goals.

For example, one of my goals right now is to do some exercise each and every day. My want is to be in shape and to look better physically. With a little bit of exercise each day, I know I’ll be able to reach this want and goal, and will be successful.

What do you want? How will you get there? It’s time to set a goal!

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5. Apply the Concept of Compounding in Your Life

Simple consistent actions WILL lead to success over time.

When starting off, it’s very tough to see any progress.

However, the power of compounding is incredibly powerful.

Think about pushing a massive rock – at first, you can barely push it. But, after pushing more and more, all of a sudden, the rock starts to move and turn over on itself.

As time goes on, you barely have to push.

That’s the power of compounding and consistency.

So many people fail to get to that breaking point, and instead give up.

Consistency WILL bring success and clarity to your situation. You need to commit to consistency if you want to find success and master your life.

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6. Manage Your Spending and Live Within Your Means

From my experience, I’m most happy when I have money in the bank, and when I’m making purchases on things which bring me direct joy.

Living paycheck to paycheck, or having debt, is no fun.

If you want to master your life, you need to get a hold on your spending and live within your means.

Saving money isn’t hard, but it does require discipline.

By saving more, you can have money in the bank to take a vacation, buy a car or house, invest in a business or a new lifestyle, and live the life you want.

7. Explode Your Income

There are two ways you can improve your financial situation in the short term: earn more money, or save more money.

While saving is great, there is a lower bound to how low you can drop your expenses.

On the flip side, with earning potential, there is no bound to how high you can grow your income.

Becoming the master of your life includes mastering your money and becoming more valuable towards others.

With a higher value, you can attract more responsibility and work, and with more responsibility and work, you can demand more pay.

Exploding your income is important because our time is limited. If you are stuck in a job you don’t like, with more savings, you could make a lifestyle change or take a lower paying job.

With growing your income, you can achieve these goals faster.

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8. Get Your Diet Right

Have you ever heard of the saying, you are what you eat?

Putting garbage into your body will result in having a garbage physique and mental state.

Getting your diet right is a piece of mastering your life because food is what fuels you to take action on your goals.

Everyone will be different in what kind of food they can eat, but getting your diet right involves eating healthy foods and drinking a lot of water.

For me, eating healthy means eating a high fat, high protein diet with a lot of fruits and vegetables mixed in.

Also, for my health, I’ve experimented with fasting and do intermittent fasting.

Experimentation is important for your diet, but it is certainly a very important piece of becoming the master of your life.

9. Exercise and Get Your Blood Flowing

workout supplementsJust like diet, exercise is another important piece to life mastery.

For me, I try to do a little bit each day. I enjoy doing bodyweight exercises, biking, walking, rock climbing, and playing basketball with friends.

I don’t have a gym pass, and don’t subscribe to the thought that you need to be a meat head to be in shape.

Instead, doing a little bit each day, 30-60 minutes of activity will be good for your health and wellness.

Getting your blood pumping will help with brain activity and will also keep you strong.

10. Learn How to Become a Better Learner

On your journey to realizing your goals, at some point, you most likely will have to learn something new.

What if you could learn something and make it stick in the next week? Wouldn’t that be great?

It is possible to learn how to become a better learner.

By understanding how to become a better learner, you can develop the confidence to venture into new subjects and pick them up fast.

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11. Learn Emotional Intelligence and How to Cultivate Strong Relationships

Humans are social creatures, and with many situations, we have to interact with other people.

At work, for example, you most likely have to interact with a number of people: your boss, your co-workers, your clients and customers, etc.

Being able to communicate, understand emotions, and navigate through different social situations is very important for success in this world.

Communication and emotional intelligence are two skills which are arguably the most important skills to improve upon.

Working on these will take time, but they certainly worth improving and building over time.

12. Understand it’s Okay to Say “I Don’t Know”

“The only thing I know is that I know nothing at all.” – Socrates

The quote above is a great example of this life mastery step.

Being eternally curious, and looking to learn more and more, will lead to success over time.

Understanding that there are holes in your knowledge and understanding of things will be beneficial for your growth.

Being closed minded and living in an echo chamber is not helpful for achieving your goals.

Get out of your comfort zone, embrace uncertainty, and say “I don’t know”. It’s freeing and a lot of fun!

13. Remove Noise and Focus on What Matters to You

There is so much noise in the world: news outlets, social media, advertisements, the list goes on and on.

What’s important to you? Is grandma’s constant Facebook posting important to you, or can that be ignored?

Focus and removing distractions will help you do what matters and get you to your goals and dreams faster.

Multi-tasking is possible, but focusing in on one task at a time is far superior.

By removing noise and distractions, you can accomplish what you need to and get on to the next step.

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14. Network to Gain Perspective and Understanding

One of my favorite quotes is “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

For me, I know I don’t know everything, and don’t have a full perspective on my goals and life.

However, I can ask others who are more wise and knowledgeable than me to help me on my journey.

Through networking and meeting other people, you can gain a better perspective and learn about how to better your skills and knowledge.

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15. Balance Work, Play and Rest

Balance is so critical in life.

While it seems you need to work every hour and day of your life to be successful, leading a fulfilling life involves balance with time for play and rest.

If you notice above, I’ve included diet, mindset, money, relationships, and exercise in the steps to creating your dream life and becoming the master of your life.

While work and action is very important, sleep, rest and having fun is equally as important!

Our bodies don’t build muscle in the gym! Our bodies build muscle during rest!

Apply this same concept to your work, and you’ll go far.

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Become the Mastermind and Creator of Your Dream Life for a Great Life

With the points and articles listed above, you can start to take the next steps to create and live the life you want and deserve.

Self improvement is a life long endeavor, and life mastery is an extreme goal.

Getting to your dream life won’t happen today, it probably won’t happen tomorrow.

It might not even happen this year!

Heck, I’ve been taking steps towards “improvement” over the last 8 years and STILL feel I’m not to my goals yet.

However, with the right guidance and consistent efforts over time, you can and WILL achieve your goals.

Are you ready and motivated to take control of your life?

15 Steps To Take To Mastering Your Life

15 Steps To Take To Mastering Your Life