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An Amazon Associate who wants to help you save money on Amazon goodies — Explore the curated selection of Amazon products, each with a current deal for added savings. Get these items while the deal is still active – these deals can end at any time. All prices are as of the posting date. Subject […]

[Editor’s Note: If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that burnout is the No. 1 threat to your financial plan and that it could cost you millions of dollars in future wealth. That’s why we’re re-launching Burnout Proof MD at an even better price than before. Since 2022, WCI has partnered with Dr. Dike Drummond to help burned-out physicians rediscover the joy of doctoring. This program features weekly coaching, a multi-layer physician support ecosystem, and […]

Do you want to learn what compounding returns mean? It’s a term often used when people talk about personal finance and money. Let’s go into what compounding means and how it can make you rich! People often throw around terms like it’s nobody’s business, personal financial NOT being an exception.  Compounding is a term often used when people talk about money. They will just assume you know what it means and continue the conversation. I […]

(Limited-time offer: Southwest is now offering a special Companion Pass offer on select consumer cards that bypasses the usual 135,000 point earning requirement. Details below.) Southwest Airlines offers a very flexible Rapid Rewards program where the points can be used to book basically any seat that they sell for cash, instead of trying to nab just the ones some airlines set aside for awards. Redeeming Southwest points for flights varies in a narrow range, but […]

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IN JANUARY 1987, I was an unmarried junior Coast Guard officer just beginning the flight stage of U.S. Navy flying training. I decided to see a financial advisor who’d been recommended by friends. This wasn’t just any advisor, but rather a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel and fighter pilot. He worked for a firm whose advisors were comprised mostly of retired military officers, and they marketed their services primarily to military officers. If there was […]

Just when I thought my AMA series was done, two readers sent questions and comments that were so good, they got their own post—here’s Part 4!

We aren’t born with the skill of emotional regulation. We are born with a wide range of emotions, and we have to learn the skill to process them. So when our children have meltdowns and tantrums, it is because they are dysregulated and acting accordingly. They do not yet have the skill to process their emotions in a different way. Your child isn’t an extension of you, nor is their behavior reflective of whether you […]

Mindfulness and Money in Retirement       Money is a loaded subject, especially in retirement. If you have enough (or even if you don’t), mindfulness can increase your agency, insight, and ease of using money in retirement. You have […]

A great retirement investing alternative that not many people have heard about is the IRA CD. That would be a CD inside of a Roth or Traditional IRA. With this approach, you get the security of a CD with the tax advantages of an IRA. As a reminder, an IRA is a tax-advantaged retirement account that you use to hold investments, like a stock, bond, or in this case, a CD. A CD is a […]

Longtime readers may recall, I had my first kid 7 years ago. Plenty more big things have happened since then. We bought a house. We had our second kid. A pandemic raced all over the world. So, with a combination of the kids still being a bit young, then avoiding most social gatherings due to the pandemic, we hadn’t hosted a birthday party where our kids’ classmates were invited. The most we did for celebrating […]

One of my favorite things about financial media is the profiles of individual investors in the Wall Street Journal. I don’t know how they do it but somehow the Journal gets regular people to spill their guts about thoughts on the markets or how they’re positioning their portfolios. This week’s piece on the rise and fall of amateur investors didn’t disappoint. Gunjan Banerji profiled 25-year-old Oma…

What’s top of my mind: How much money I spent last year. For some reason, I didn’t keep up with my annual expenses chart last year. The end of August was the last time I’d looked at it, and then of course, once I realised this, I couldn’t face the arduous task of totting up months of figures. Until I had a couple of periods off at work. I had no marking and I’d prepared […]