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Having difficulty setting aside a portion of your monthly income each month? We’ve got some great budgeting tips to help you out. Is saving $500 a month good for your savings? It’s a challenging but doable goal with rewards worth the effort. We’ll show you what saving $500 a month amounts to when starting at various ages and provide some suggestions for how you can tweak your budget to make it happen. These tips can […]

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that last weekend, when I pulled my fridge out to clean behind, under, top, and sides of it, I accidentally broke the 44-year-old copper water line to my refrigerator. Oops. Then followed one of my surge protectors in my house blowing. Where my refrigerator line broke, and the water ran down into my finished basement… Thankfully I caught the water leak before any real damage was […]

A Reddit user shared his story of leaving a vacation that he had planned for him and his girlfriend after she brought her friends along. Anniversary Trip The original poster (OP) explained that he and his girlfriend had been together … Read More

When it comes to budgets, most of us have tried to stick to one and failed miserably. Our step-by-step guide on how to make a budget will hopefully help. When it comes to budgets, most of us have tried to stick to one and failed miserably. Our step-by-step guide on how to make a budget will hopefully help. The post How to make a budget: Step-by-step guide to managing your money appeared first on Money […]

Budge 2023 has proposed to remove the double tax deduction benefit associated with home loan interest. We all know that the interest component of a home loan can be claimed as a deduction up to a maximum of Rs. two lakhs under section 24. When the property is sold, the entire interest component, whether claimed… The post Home Loan interest double tax deduction benefit removed in budget 2023 appeared first on freefincal.

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Despite the astronomical cost of college these days, I meet investors with overfunded 529 plans all the time. By overfunded, I mean that when I run a financial projection with estimates for future tuition costs and market returns, there is money left over in the 529 account after the student finishes college. When this happens, I suggest stopping future 529 savings, especially for investors living in states that do not al…The post Do You Have an Overfunded 529 Plan? appeared first on The Belle Curve.

I’m only 6 weeks late, so it totally still counts, plus we were out of the country for the holidays, so I actually have a reasonable excuse. We took a 3.5-week trip to New Zealand and Australia over the holidays and it was glorious. I will write a separate post with a break-down of the costs for that trip (with pictures), but this post is our life update as of the end of 2022. So […]

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for couples to celebrate their love, but it can also be a costly holiday. However, there are many ways to save money on Valentine’s Day while still making it a memorable and romantic experience. From setting a budget and planning ahead, to being creative and avoiding peak times, there […] The post Valentine’s Day on a Budget: Creative Ways to Save Money appeared first on Keeping Up With The […]

Having a budget in place can help you keep track of your finances, plan ahead for expenses and achieve your financial goals. When creating a budget, it’s important to divide it into different categories or “envelopes” that will help you manage and allocate funds. A budget can have as many categories as needed and typically includes essentials such as housing, food, healthcare and entertainment. Knowing the seven most common categories of a budget will ensure […]

Everyday Rewards and Everyday Extra vs Flybuys and Coles Plus: Are They Worth it? And how to maximise each one. The post Everyday Rewards and Everyday Extra vs Flybuys and Coles Plus: Are They Worth it? appeared first on The Thrifty Issue.

If you want to save some money as a parent on your next relocation, look no further. An affordable, budget-friendly family relocation is possible. You will need to plan by budgeting and organizing the moving process in several easy steps. Organize the family relocation ahead of time  A family relocation will require a little bit more planning. Firstly, figure out the timeline for the relocation process. Most importantly, see by what date you have to […]

Understand how ETFs track benchmarks to control allocation to countries and company sizes to choose the Best Equity ETFs for your Portfolio.

***** First off, I am not a licensed financial advisor. I don’t hold any of the designations and I’m not an expert in telling people which investments are best for their particular situations. This post is about what has worked for me. It is in no way a guarantee, warranty, or promise that my chosen investment products will work just as well for you. Now, with that out of the way, let’s get to it… […]