About Addicted to ROI: My name is Jennifer Beadles, and after stumbling around from job to job in my late teens and early twenties, I found my calling: real estate. At 21 years old, I had bought my first house, and a real estate developer hired me. I found myself learning the ropes of building new construction, hiring subcontractors, dealing with red tag notices and grumpy neighbors who didn’t want new houses blocking their view. While I loved the variety and constant challenge of finding solutions to complex issues in the development world, I wanted to do and learn more. So, in 2009, I officially ditched my 9-to-5 job and become a real estate agent specializing in working with investors. Since my goal was to achieve financial freedom through real estate investing, I figured what better way to earn a living than to help others achieve what I was setting out to achieve. Turns out working in and on your passion does pay off. I’ve sold more than $120M+ in real estate while buying rentals and building up my own passive income streams. In 2017, I decided I needed to help more than just the investors in my local market, so I started this blog and launched my own local Seattle meetup group called Addicted to ROI. Then an amazing thing happened. I started to connect with other like-minded investors and agents across the country and created a new opportunity: connecting investors with these hard-working, investment-savvy agents who not only like working with investors but also they really know how to find deals.
Year Started: 2016
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