5 Personal Finance Podcasts to Listen to for Motivation and Inspiration

Post Last Updated: November 13, 2021

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Previously, we discussed the two steps to financial success. Tracking your income and expenses is part one of the two step process for financial success.  Step number two is to further your financial education.

Right now, you are doing a great job by reading these articles on personal finance, but your learning should not stop after you leave this site (I hope you never leave, but I know responsibilities call)!

But if it does, one of the best ways to further your financial education is to listen to podcasts.

Here, I will be sharing with you five great finance podcasts which inspire, motivate, and provide entertainment to thousands of people.

5 Finance Podcasts to Listen to for Motivation and Inspiration

Whenever I get in the car for an extended period of time, I love listening to podcasts, especially podcasts about people who are pushing their boundaries, becoming wealthy through the principles of personal finance, and doing unique jobs and side hustles in pursuit of success.

There are five podcasts I’ve been listening to lately in the Personal Finance space which I believe you should listen to in 2019 and beyond to further your financial education:


  • ChooseFI
  • Stacking Benjamins
  • FIRE Drill Podcast
  • Millennial Money Minutes
  • Moneysplained



choose fi podcastAre you interested in financial independence? Would being able to walk away from your day job in five to ten years interest you? How can you get started?

The ChooseFI podcast is all about financial independence and how everyday people are building wealth, retiring early, and now looking to influence and help others who are just starting their journey.

What is awesome about ChooseFI is the combination of episodes with interviews of highly successful individuals, but also episodes where Jonathan and Brad unpack the highlights from the previous episodes and draw wisdom from them.

The ChooseFI podcast will get you motivated and inspired to take action. Their interviewees are first in class, and the stories are amazingly interesting and great for someone interested in building wealth for the future. Check out the ChooseFI podcast here: motivation and inspiration for financial success, ChooseFI.


Stacking Benjamins

stacking benjamins showLive from Joe’s mom’s basement, it’s the Stacking Benjamins show!

The Stacking Benjamins show aims to make finance more approachable, interesting, and fun. At the end of the day, the hosts of the show, Joe and OG, want to make finance someone everyone takes seriously.

But, that’s not to say they won’t be joking around with their guests and each other.

What’s amazing is the first bullet from The Stacking Benjamins Creed is Personal Finance is Personal – hey, that sounds familiar!  You know what they say, “Great minds think alike!”

I really enjoy listening to this podcast as it is light hearted, but also provides some great advice. You want a laugh to go with some amazing information? Check out the Stacking Benjamins show here: Stacking Benjamins, light hearted perosonal finance advice!


FIRE Drill Podcast

fire drill podcastRun by two enthusiastic and amazing young women, the FIRE Drill podcast is all about inspiring stories about financial independence and side hustles.

Are you interested in achieving financial independence through interesting and unique ways? The FIRE Drill Podcast is a great place to start. Each episode features a different, highly successful person who is either on their way to or has reached financial independence.

Gwen and J, the hosts of the FIRE Drill Podcast, do a great job of keeping the conversation light, while also diving into the strategies and activities the interviewees are doing in their daily lives for financial success.

This podcast is more focused towards Millennials, but the stories and people featured can help someone at any stage in their career or life. Check out FIRE Drill Podcast here: a podcast about financial independence and side hustles , FIRE Drill Podcast.


Millennial Money Minutes

millennial money minutes podcastThese days, we can’t seem to focus for more than ten minutes on a single subject. That’s fine – Millennial Money Minutes are quick hitting episodes where the hosts, Grant and Matt, distill tough personal finance topics in five minutes or less.

There’s so much to learn in the world of personal finance – listening to the Millennial Money Minutes will help your knowledge base as you look to grow your financial education.

Millennial Money Minutes is geared towards Millennials (as the title suggests), but again, will be helpful to all people trying to build wealth. In addition, the hosts are highly successful Millennials with great stories. Check out Millennial Money Minutes here: Millennial Money Minutes, focused advice for people wanting financial success.



moneysplained podcastMoneysplained has one purpose: clarity. There are so many confusing concepts, products, and strategies in the world of finance. Moneysplained looks to shed light on these concepts.

Ally-Jane, host of Moneysplained, talks about the basics of personal finance by performing a deep dive on a different subject each episode. For example, in one of her recent episodes, she did a deep dive on taxes for freelancers and had a CPA on the phone with her – very interesting for a small business owner like me.

I’m excited to see what the results of her work are in 2019. Moneysplained is relatively new, but is in a great spot to grow and influence in the coming year. Check out Moneysplained here: Moneysplained, a top personal finance podcast.


What The Mastermind Within Community Members are Listening to for Financial Education

One of the great things about having readers is being able to ask them about their strategies for financial success. A number of people contributed on the question of what they are listening to for podcasts about finance.

Dom, a high income blogger from Gen Y Finance Guy, listens to Invest Like the Best.

Cynthia, an avid reader of The Mastermind Within listens to a number of podcasts:

I like Your Money, Your Wealth very much.  I also like Retirement Answer Man and ChooseFI.

I also subscribe to Fire Drill Podcast, Her Money with Jean Chatzky, Financial Independence Podcast, Masters of Money, and I listen to Dave Ramsey once a month when he airs his Millionaire’s Theme Hour.

Scott, from Making Momentum, a true listener of a ton of amazing podcasts for life improvement, loves Marriage, Kids, and Money and The Stacking Benjamins show.

Lots of great podcasts here to choose from! I’ve really enjoyed FIRE Drill podcast for the few months it’s been out there! I’m looking forward to exploring more into this space and seeing what is out there!



Education does not stop after you leave school. Ideally, it should never stop. Keep learning something new each and every day.  Whether that’s something on investing, personal finance, tax, wealth creation, business, accounting, or self-improvement, if you take a bit of time each day to improve yourself, I know you will reach your goals.

My favorite quote is directed related to learning and improving oneself:

Your level of success rarely exceeds your level of personal development, because success is something you attract by the person you become.

Get out there and listen to these great personal finance podcasts!